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Tantra is both an approach to life and a spiritual practice amphasizing phisical experience. Western Tantra teaches a set of practices to deepen sexual experience and use sexual energy as a "rocket fuel" for spiritual growth and intimacy. Learning Tantra may include breath work, movement, ritual, sound, touch and occasionally sexual touch and connection. Many tantra teachers use an instructional approach, sometimes clothed. For others, tantra sensibilities are woven throughout an erotic experience, whether through massage or a mutual activity.


Sexological bodywork

Registered in the state of California as a bona-fide training certification program. This is body work with a healing and/or aducational intent, that may include genital and/or anal touch. All touch is strictly one way, with the giver remaining clothed. This is an exellent way to learn about your body and how it works. Sexological Bodywork often include coaching in body awareness, communication skills, self-touch or masturbation skills for increasing self awereness and erotic potential.


Energy work

Perceiving and working with the energy fields in and around the body, traditionally called the aura, chakras, meridians or chi. In other words, there is an unseen exchange or transmission of energy, for healing, growth and transformation. May be done with or without touching, and can be easily combined with other modalities. The exchange of energy can also happen automatically when we are doing other things.


Male G-spot or prostate massage

The prostate has been called the male G-spot because of its sensitivity for both pleasure and healing. Like the female g-spot it should be approached with love and care. Many geterosexual men fear that if they like this kind of massage (reached through the anus) that it may mean they are homosexual. Not true at all. This area of the body rich of nerves endings and pleasure potential. Many straight men love this, for very good reason. Its awesome.


Female ejaculation

Science is finally acknowledging this physiological phenomenon. Yes, it is ejaculate, a clear, sweetish liquid which is not urine, and arises from the same kind of tissue that produces male ejaculate, but without the sperm. This is sometimes called the Female Prostate. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. It is usually pleasurable, but is never something to be forced or demanded for the entertainment of the other person. It doesn't prove anything, as woman can experience great pleasure with or without it. Woman, it is not another thing to add to your list of what you should be doing, instead of what you love to do. Men, it is not another thing to add to your list of what you should be making her experience.