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Energetic erotic massage


Energetic Erotic Massage is a full-body erotic sensation, which is designed especially for men and is focused on working with male sexuality.

The massage allows the reciever to access body wisdom and provides an environment where the reciever has the opportunity to find out what he considers to be good,valuable and beautiful in his sexual life. Erotic touch creates profound relaxation, raises powerfull energy and also releases tention. Elements and dynamics that make-up the Energetic Erotic Massage allow the person recieving the massage to experience moments of freedom.

eroticka masaz
eroticka masaz

At the most basic level, Energetic Erotic Massage is about pleasure. It is wonderful to be touched. It is wonderful to be turned on. It is a really amazing to feel every cell of your body awake, vibrating with sexual energy. So Energetic Erotic Massage a great way that increases and expands our capacity for pleasure.


Big Draw

At the end of Energetic Erotic Massage the reciever might be encouraged to clench for twenty or thirty seconds all the muscles of the body. This is the so called Big Draw.


Prostate/Anal massage*

Prostate or anal massage is perhaps one of the most effective and surest ways of full-body relaxation.


Price list of massages

Lenght of massagePrice of massage CZK Price of massage EUR
60 minute 3000,- CZK 120,- EUR
90* minute 4500,- CZK 180,- EUR

This servis can be also provided in your hotel room.